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Iansa - A goddess in movement

Iansã is a great warrior, she is the owner of the fire sword that cuts the sky. She was also the wife of Ogun, and a paramour of Xango. She was seduced by Xango, and is part of the reason for their age old feud. Iansã and Xango have battled against each other many times, and so have she and Ogun, and neither was able to beat her in battle. Though she could not beat them, she was able to stand toe-to-toe with them in both martial and magical prowess.

Iansã, dances with the eruxin (a special whip made with horse tail hair) and her flaming sword. Usually dressed in red shades and with a copper crown, she is the most astute Orixá and learned most of her talents by seducing the other male Orixás. Although she can be a fierce deity she can also be extremely compassionate for those in need.

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