My story doesn't start on early this morning,

it comes from the people before me

- my ancestors.

It will come from the people after me

- the memory I leave behind.

It comes from the names I was called

and how they become part of me

- if not my entire self.

I started with the things I was told

and how I came to deny them

and it stays as an ever evolving succession of breaths and places.

My story didn't start this morning

and it shall not die with the sunset


Those marks revels who I am - 2018

Embroidery, needle felting and hand-weaving on vintage linen

They Called Me Names - 2018

Embroidery and watercolor on cotton

I Must Survive- 2019

Embroidery, leatherwork, needle felting and hand-weaving on linen

I Carry The Memories From Another Life- 2019

Embroidery, needle felting,applique and basket making on hand-woven  linen

It is my Body and I can do as I please- 2019

Embroidery on vintage printed cotton and denim