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The grandmother of all Orixas, Nana Buruku is the ancient mother of the universe, she was the one to mold the shape of  mankind in the mud of her swamps. This wise and revered Orixa embodies the spirit of the earth and the moon. She is known for her extraordinary healing powers and is an extremely spiritual being. Her commanding presence is felt by all who worship her and she makes it very clear that she does not tolerate being crossed.

Nana Buruku


Oxum is considered the most beautiful Yaba, her name comes for a river in Nigeria, more specific in the Ijexá, Ijebu e Oxogbó nations. The association with the river name makes this, in the African mythology, the sacred home of the Orixá where all the offerings are delivered on her honor.

The legend says that Oxum was given all the fresh waters of the world, but only those that have a calm surface and have strong currents underneath. She is mostly known for being the queen of all rivers and waterfalls.


Generous and dignified, Oxum is the most important female force in the tribe, the Yalodê, and is the owner of the fecundity of women, the owner of the great feminine power. The second smartest goddess in the African-brazilian pantheon Oxum controls all creativity and love that is given to mankind, but she also loves jewelries and wealth and therefore is considered vain and the keeper of gold and copper.

Oya or Iansã is a Yoruba Goddess of the Winds of Change; the Primeval Mother of Chaos; Queen of the Nine (for the nine tributaries of the Niger River), she is also the most powerful goddess in the African-Brazilian tradition of the Candomblé.

She is the wild woman, the force of change; lightning, #fire, tornadoes, earthquakes and #storms of all kinds are ruled by Oya. She is also Queen of the Marketplace, a shrewd businesswoman and adept with horses. As the wind, she is the first breath and the last, the one who carries the #spirits of the dead to the other world, which is why she is associated with cemeteries.

Oya / Iansa


Yemanjá, is one of the most important Orixas in  the formation of individuality, as we know this human characterist is in the head, therefore she reigns over the Ori and will lead all those who are being initiated in the Afro-Brazilian cult.

Yemanja is the mother of all. It is her main goal to sustain humanity in the Aye (phisical plan). She is the mother who guides, who shows the ways, who educates, and knows, above all, to explore the potentialities that are within each one of her children, showing how good they were in their offices, but saying , at the same time, that the greatest war is the one we fight against ourselves. Yemanjá is sensitive to the attentions or kindness that is spontaneously dispensed to her children, and also appreciates and rewards those who proper respects their mother figure.

She is one of the queens of the waters: the waters caused by the cry of the mother who suffers for the life of her children, who sees them leave their shelter, taking independent directions; and the sea, her home.

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